In Thailand, Russian flight attendants rescued a Russian cat that local border guards wanted to euthanize

In Thailand, Russian stewardesses saved a Russian woman's cat, which local border guards wanted to euthanize

It was necessary to save a Russian tourist's cat, which was almost euthanized by Thai border guards flight attendants of the Russian airline Red Wings. The life of a cat suddenly began to depend on one piece of paper forgotten by its owner – but, fortunately, the airline staff decided to save the Russian cat from death in Thailand. holidays in Thailand with the Red Wings liner. Only upon landing it turned out that the Thai border guards “did not find one necessary document” for the cat to enter the territory of the kingdom. “The airport staff refused to let him in, offering to put him to sleep or send him back,” the public reports.

The case could have ended in death for the cat, but Red Wings flight attendants came to the rescue. “They took the cat with them on the way back, and then, with a full set of necessary papers, they sent it back to the owner in Utapao,” the Ministry of Transport says. As a result, “the meeting in Thailand of the hostess and the cat moved everyone to tears – literally. No one could restrain his emotions,” the public writes.

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