In Thailand, they announced an increase in the number of Russians on three islands at once, and this is not Phuket

Thailand announced an increase in the number of Russians on three islands at once, and this is not Phuket

Return Russian tourists to Thailand will give a big impetus to the development of tourism not only to Phuket, the main resort island of the country, but also to three other popular islands: Koh Samui and nearby Koh Pna Ngan and Koh Tao. Such a favorable forecast for the tourism sector was given by the authorities of the kingdom.

Tourism in Thailand is waiting for the onset of cold weather in Russia – for them this is a signal that our compatriots and travelers from other European countries, where frosty winters prevail, will move to the tropical “land of smiles” for the winter.

With more flights from Russia to Thailand, idyllic Koh Samui is seeing an increase in European travelers, The Thaiger reported. The resort island expects, in particular, a surge in Russian tourism, especially in December, the end of the year. Russian tourism has always brought a lot of income to this island, but in the past few years it has experienced a lack of holidaymakers – first due to the coronavirus pandemic, and then the conflict in Ukraine.

The return of Russian tourists, along with European holidaymakers, is a welcome and welcome change for Koh Samui, an island where tourism is the number one source of income and coconut production, which employs the majority of the locals, is number two.

Currently, the situation with air traffic is improving. Thus, Aeroflot, Russia's main national airline, previously announced an increase in the number of flights. The Thailand Tourism Office in Moscow and the Russian Embassy have confirmed three flights a day from Russia to Bangkok and Phuket, starting in late November, the start of the peak season in Thailand.

The resumption of the flight program delighted local tourism officials, in connection with which the president of the Koh Samui Tourism Promotion Association made a bold prediction: in the last month of the year, there will be as many tourists on the island as there were in pre-Covid. Both foreign and local travel agencies have seen a significant increase in overseas bookings for the remainder of the year.

For example, experts have noticed a trend for visiting travelers to make reservations at shorter notice than in previous years. Travel companies are adapting to these changes to focus their public relations campaigns and marketing plans in line with current demand. It is expected that new flights from Russia, as well as from many countries neighboring Russia planning flights to Thailand, will give an additional boost to the tourism market until the end of 2022.

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