In Thailand, tourists were named places where they are sold counterfeit goods: it’s better not to buy anything there

In Thailand, tourists were told where they sell counterfeit goods: it's better not to buy anything there

On some popular In the markets of Thailand, tourists risk meeting with a raid looking for counterfeit goods – the country's authorities have decided to tighten the fight against sellers of pirated goods. True, nothing threatens buyers, but such a meeting can hardly be called pleasant.

We are talking about the tourist markets of the so-called “red zone” – this is Silom Road in Bangkok, Patong Beach in Phuket, the markets of the provinces of Koh Samui, Surat Thani, Chiang Mai and the Rong Kluea market in Sa Kaeo on the Cambodian border. It is stated that they will be subject to more frequent and thorough inspections – and in general are specifically named as “attractions that will be subject to increased control.”

The fact is that now, when it begins to return to Thailand, the local Department of Intellectual Property has promised to be more strict in the fight against pirated goods. Trademark and brand owners are confident that the market will be flooded with fakes – and they will be sold mainly in popular tourist destinations, as shady sellers will see new potential customers pouring into the country.

Deputy General Director of the department issued a statement on plans to stop the sale of pirated goods to tourists. The initiative is supported by the Customs Department, the Department of Special Investigations and the Royal Thai Police. “After the resumption of the work of the country on June 1, an influx of foreign tourists is expected to support tourism. Sales of pirated products may recover in tourist areas after the reopening. The Department, in collaboration with allies in the public and private sectors, wants to intensify measures to prevent and curb the sale of counterfeit goods,” the initiators of the fight against piracy said.

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