In the popular Mediterranean resort, wild boars began to attack tourists

In the popular Mediterranean resort, wild boars began to attack tourists

Hunters armed with crossbows will protect tourists in the Spanish resort of Benidorm – this news was published by the Spanish media. The reason is the abundance of wild boars that literally terrorize tourists. After the attack was reported on social media by singer Shakira, complaints are pouring in one after another, and the authorities are forced to look for ways to confront the animals.
As the local authorities explained, the number of wild boars has grown, and during the pandemic, the animals have “settled down” in places often visited by tourists – in parks and even on golf courses.

With the return of tourists, a clash became inevitable – one of them survived the pop star Shakira – and it all happened in Barcelona last year. On the social network Instagram, which is closed in Russia, the singer posted a video where she complained that two wild boars “attacked” her in the park and destroyed the entire contents of her bag, including her mobile phone. The singer herself and her nine-year-old son were not injured, but the authorities of the Spanish resorts are forced to look for control measures – tourists visiting the same Benidorm complain en masse about the invasion of wild boars.

They try to catch animals with traps, but this measure was recognized as not very effective . Hunting animals with the use of firearms in the resort provinces is also prohibited. As a result, officials found an original solution: in an attempt to stop animals that eat farmers' crops, cause traffic accidents, damage golf courses and even attack tourists, they called for the help of the sport hunting federation, whose members are armed with bows and crossbows.

The Environment Adviser of Dénia, Maite Pérez Conejero, confirmed at a meeting of the resort council that the officials were in talks with the Hunting Federation in Alicante, and were studying a coordinated operation involving hunters in different parts of the municipality. Proposals will be ready in two weeks.

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