In the resorts of Europe began attacks with needles on young tourists

Attacks with needles on young tourists began in the resorts of Europe

Scandalous attacks on tourists with an unclear purpose have begun to occur in resorts in nightclubs in Europe, and this scandalous phenomenon is becoming more and more widespread. Taking advantage of the tightness, unknown people attack tourists, injecting them with a syringe with still unclear contents, but the victim clearly feels “dizzy and drowsy.” At the same time, the police have not yet received complaints of robbery or rape – which would be logical to assume the main goal of the attackers. However, she suspects that this phenomenon has a connection with the famous “sex injections”, as at the notorious party of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

In Spain, the first attacks were recorded in early July, during the Pamplona Bull Run Festival. Since then and until now, the police have registered 23 cases in Catalonia, most of which are in the resort of Lloret de Mar and Barcelona, ​​and another 12 in the Basque Country. The general gist of the complaints is this: at a party in a crowded club, the victim, usually a young woman, feels a needle prick in her arm or leg, and then feels dizzy or drowsy.

Spain is not the only place where this happens – in France, similar complaints are recorded from about 300 victims, there are also cases in Belgium and the Netherlands. So, tourist Lynn Desnos spoke about what happened to her after visiting a club in the southwestern city of Bordeaux in April. She felt dizzy the next day and realized that she had an injection mark on her arm. The tourist went to the clinic for a check-up, now she is waiting for the results.

At the same time, not a single victim reports sexual assault – which one could assume. As the police comment, there really are drugs that can incapacitate a person. However, to penetrate through a syringe, they would have to be injected so much time that the victims would definitely notice …

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