In the toilet, the tourist began to panic: after draining the toilet bowl, a giant reptile crawled out of it

A tourist started to panic in the toilet: after draining the toilet, a giant reptile crawled out of it

Frightening uninvited “neighbor” discovered by a tourist renting a villa in Thailand. A huge snake crawled into the toilet of his house and got stuck there. Professionals had to remove the “guest” and calm the panicked tourist.

According to the Thai media, referring to the statement of the tourist himself in social networks, at first he discovered that the toilet was not draining – and they were already frightened, not knowing what to do in this case. However, when he tried to figure out what the cause of the blockage was, he was “in a panic and shock” to find the head of a giant snake in the toilet.

The arrived homeowner managed to figure it out – it turns out that the giant python managed to get into the water supply and got stuck there . To save the snake (and the tourist), he called the local rescue team to the house. Moreover, the attempt to extract the snake “manually” failed – as a result, I had to cut the pipe in order to extract the “visitor”.

No wonder – the python turned out to be 23 kilograms, which is quite a lot for this species. The snake was removed without injury, rescuers took it with them. Whether the tourist stayed in the villa, where such “visitors” are possible, is not specified.

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