In Tunisia, they realized that there would be no more Russian tourists

Tunisia realized that there would be no more Russian tourists

beach holidays in North Africa. As Minister of Tourism Mohammed Moez Belhassin noted on the sidelines of the national tourism forum, “already several flights to Tunisia have been canceled and the number of Russian tourists will decrease significantly.”

Even before the start of a sharp development of events in Ukraine, the Tunisian authorities revised the conditions for the arrival of foreign tourists, including Russians, in the country. Adults vaccinated against coronavirus now do not need to take a PCR test before departure – they just need to present a certificate with a QR code, and unvaccinated adults need to observe quarantine upon entry, they just need to bring a negative test result for coronavirus with them. So tourism officials decided to increase the chances of a successful season.

However, everything did not go according to plan. Due to the unfavorable prognosis, the official on Wednesday, as reported by local media, promised to work hard to overcome the consequences of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in the name of the country's tourism sector. To this end, the ministry has created a crisis unit whose main task is to monitor the consequences of the conflict.

“The crisis division is in direct contact with most of the tour operators in Russia and Ukraine, as well as in Eastern and Central Europe,” the minister noted, emphasizing the importance of the Russian market for the growth of the Tunisian tourism sector.

For Russians, holidays in Tunisia has become a good substitute for holidays in Egyptian resorts. A total of 630,000 of our compatriots visited the hot country in 2019, and their number has dropped sharply to 90,000 in the period 2020-2021 due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

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