In Turkey, a tourist threw her boyfriend off the balcony of a 5-star hotel and received a life sentence

In Turkey, a tourist threw her boyfriend off the balcony of a 5-star hotel and received a life sentence

A foreign tourist arrested on charges of murdering her boyfriend in Antalya faces harsh punishment. For the fact that the girl threw him off the balcony of a 5-star hotel, the court sentenced her to life imprisonment. The accused pleaded not guilty.

A couple of British tourists arrived at a five-star hotel in Manavgat on March 11, the Milliyet newspaper reported. However, there was a quarrel, after which, according to the judge, the girl committed a premeditated murder. A man fell from a balcony 30 meters high at night and hit his head on the asphalt. When examining the hotel room, experts found bloodstains, but no cutting or stabbing instruments were found.

A study by the gendarmerie showed the presence of alcohol and cocaine in the man's blood. The tourist was also in a state of extreme intoxication. The indictment stated that the neighbors behind the wall heard the sounds of a fight from the hotel room on the day of the incident. According to the investigator, the tourist came on March 12 at 22:00 pm to the hotel and said that he had cut his hand. The hotel staff escorted him to the room. he was drunk and could barely stand.

The case included the testimony of the girl herself, who claimed that she and the young man drank alcohol that evening, and then went to get tattoos. After that they played backgammon. The girl told the following about her boyfriend: “He is one of the major drug dealers in England. That evening he asked if there was a place where he could buy drugs. The tattoo parlor said that drugs are illegal in Turkey, so they are unlikely to be found.”

The murder suspect told her boyfriend that she was afraid of going to jail, so she did not stay with him that evening and went to the hotel at 18:30 and went to bed. “The deceased called from my mobile phone and went to the door of the hotel room with the hotel staff. He argued with them because he was drunk. I opened the door and told him to calm down. But he did not listen to me, pushed me, grabbed me by the hair and threw me on the floor. When he started a fight, the hotel staff tried to calm him down. I closed the door and was very angry, I wanted to part with him then. I put all his things in a suitcase and wanted to throw them from the balcony of the room. But when I was about to do it, the suitcase opened and some of the clothes fell out of the balcony.”

The girl added that she did not leave the hotel room until 3:00 am, i.e. until the police took her away. According to her, during the scuffle, she went to the bathroom when she cut her hand with a glass fragment, and upon returning she found that her boyfriend was no longer in the room. She thought he had left the room and went to bed.

In addition, the tourist told the investigation that her companion the day before the incident wanted to commit suicide because he had psychological problems. Then the man deliberately cut his finger and laughed evilly when the girl drew attention to this. According to her, blood appeared on the walls and on the floor just then.

During the investigation, it turned out that a close friend of the deceased was involved in the case. She provoked a quarrel between tourists when she sent joint photos with him to a girl on the phone.

The prosecution reported that during the quarrel, the girl somehow immobilized the victim and threw first his things, and then himself from the balcony and then tried to wash away the traces of blood. In connection with the premeditated murder, the prosecution asked the court for a harsh sentence of life imprisonment, while the girl pleaded not guilty.

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