In Turkey, Russian relocators who fled from mobilization began to be expelled from the country

In Turkey, Russian relocators who fled from mobilization began to be expelled from the country

The last wave of relocators trying to get a “tourist” residence permit in Turkey began to be “expelled” from the country, that is, they were denied this residence permit. This story was told in her Yandex.Zen by a blogger living in Turkey. According to her, the situation began to develop from the end of December and reached a really critical scale.

For starters, what is the reason? The blogger explains it this way – most likely an unofficial, but conscious position of the authorities. “The number of emigrants has reached simply unthinkable numbers, they are trying to reduce this number. The locals are quite unhappy with the current situation. All publics are bombarded with comments that there are almost no Turks in Antalya (I wrote this softly). They actively complain about it. It is also necessary to take into account that presidential elections are coming soon. Naturally, a lot will be done to make the locals happy,” the blogger explained.

She noted that we are talking about a residence permit, which gives the right to stay in Turkey from 3 months to 2 years. It was in it that from December 26 they began to refuse en masse to the Russians. “At the same time, a simple paper came out stating that from this date it is necessary to supplement the package of documents for submission with others. Namely:

  1. for citizens of the Russian Federation who work remotely for the company, it is necessary to confirm the monthly income

  2. pensioners from the Russian Federation must provide a document , confirming the status of a pensioner and the amount of the pension.

These papers must be wet stamped. And a notarized translation (issued in Turkey) must be submitted to the migration service,” the blogger explained.

At the same time, it was previously stated that those who managed to submit documents before December 26, 2022, will not be affected by this innovation. However, in fact, they are denied, and moreover, according to the blogger, there are situations when those waiting for a residence permit were called to the “migration office” allegedly to bring documents, and there they declared a refusal and demanded to leave the country within ten days.

< p>“At first, it was simply stupid to refuse primary candidates from the Russian Federation. Who had a rendezvous after 26.12. Apparently due to the fact that the migration staff themselves did not understand what kind of documents were needed. And it's easier to refuse than to learn the truth. And it is true! Because no one knows the truth! So often in Turkey. They come up with innovations, but it is not clear what to do with it. Therefore, such incidents occur,” the blogger added.

Also, according to her, a questionnaire appeared, which must be filled out upon arrival. “Questions about the purpose of your visit and documents confirming this purpose, what are you going to live in Turkey for, your travel plan, what places are you planning to visit, etc. By the way, there is an acquaintance who clearly prescribed everything, provided everything that is needed, but he refused! Referring to the fact that the prescribed 2 months will be enough for him to travel around Turkey,” the blogger said. She recalled that this residence permit is declared as a tourist one and people supposedly come to travel around Turkey.

“Yes, I forgot to say that all these puzzles relate to those who are applying for the first time and renting an apartment. Although, in fact, there are also cases when both those who have an extension and those who have real estate of more than $75,000 have already been denied,” the blogger added. For beginners, she gives rather pessimistic advice: “I want to say that if you are planning to move to Turkey, then now is not the best time! You will simply lose a lot of money (now everything has become very expensive), and, accordingly, time, effort, etc. Wait it out. We have two options here: either this is a temporary phenomenon until everything settles down, or the tourist residence permit for renting an apartment will be completely canceled.

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