In Turkey, the “Tourist financial pyramid” was defeated: the police made large-scale arrests of a gang of scammers

Tourist Pyramid Destroyed in Turkey: Police Make Large-Scale Arrests of a Gang of Fraudsters

Tourist financial pyramid, organized by representatives of travel agencies, “defeated” in Turkey. According to Turkish media, eight out of ten suspects have been detained and arrests are ongoing. Approximately scammers cashed in on 55 million Turkish liras (about 200 million rubles).

In fact, the police were contacted by “deceived investors”: 30 people complained to the provincial security department on the grounds that they had been deceived with the promise of “high profits.” It was assumed that they would invest money, after which the company's employees promised to find the owners of houses and yachts with this money, rent them out to tourists through a travel agency, and distribute 10% of the profits among the “investors”. However, in fact, the scammers worked according to the “Ponzi chain” method, which is also a classic “pyramid”.

To create an “image”, the travel agency acquired some equipment – including a minibus, 5 motorcycles and 9 electric vehicles, “to convince investors that they have the opportunity.” At the same time, there is no head of the travel agency, the initiator of this “enterprise”, among the detainees. His search continues.

Our reference: the “Ponzi chain”, named after the Italian swindler who “traded” in the States in the twenties of the last century, is in fact a classic “pyramid”. Charles Ponzi himself is a large number of investors, promising them a return of 50% or more from investing in mail coupons. However, instead of investing the money entrusted to him, Ponzi simply appropriated it for himself. The scam continued as long as Ponzi was able to attract new investors and use some of their money to pay “returns” to previous investors. In fact, this is a classic “pyramid”: the first investors are promised a serious percentage of profit, including by attracting new participants, and a serious advertising campaign is also being conducted to attract them. True, the “real money”, which the first investors first receive, was received at the expense of the investments of these newest participants. Sooner or later, the pyramid “collapses”, and most investors do not have time to return their funds.

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