In Turkey, they reported what the Russians who came in large numbers this fall are unhappy with

Turkey reported that the Russians who came in large numbers this autumn were dissatisfied

Having changed their country of residence, the Russians who came to Turkey this autumn in large numbers are brazenly, loudly and boorishly indignant that everything in the republic does not work just like in Russia. “They scold everything: the Turkish mentality (slowness, lack of punctuality), “fatty” Turkish cuisine, entertainment, neighbors, poor choice of baby food, traffic, etc.,” a Russian traveler said on her Yandex.Zen channel. who also intends to stay in this country.

According to the tourist, the negative is getting bigger: “And it starts to seem to me that the Turks will soon get tired of him. Because sometimes our compatriots cross all borders. They criticize Turkish customs, people, local practices. And they constantly complain about Turkey, where they came for permanent residence or for wintering.”

Visitors with their charter criticize everything. For example, the work of post offices, where they go as pilgrims to receive cash, since Mir cards do not work in the country. The girl told the story that happened at the post office.

Here is an excerpt from the story: “I came for a package. There were about 30 people in line ahead of me. At the post office in Turkey, like ours: you take an electronic number, wait for it to be displayed on the scoreboard, and go to the window. The calmness of this place was disturbed only by a Russian woman. First, she took not one, but a whole pack of numbers. At least 10! Why?! Secondly, she was loudly indignant that the postal workers did not speak Russian. Marvelous! And in Russia, they don’t take postmen without knowledge of Turkish. Thirdly, she came to receive a money transfer, but cash had not yet been brought to the post office. In Turkey, this is how it is done – money is brought to each branch once a day, and no one knows how much. And due to the influx of Russians who want to receive a transfer with the Golden Crown, there is even less cash in post offices.

Naturally, the Russian woman burst into a scandal, and even the explanations of the Russian-speaking Turkish employee did not calm her down. “We don’t have such lawlessness in Russia! Yes, your employee with us would have been devoured with giblets! Why should I go back and forth?” she was indignant and after that she began to say that in Russia, unlike Turkey, everything is much better, and the Turkish mentality is terrible.

The tourist began to notice the same attitude of Russians on the streets of the resort province of Turkey. There is a lot of dissatisfaction on the part of the Russian emigration: they complain about the feeding of homeless cats, which have been revered in Turkey for many centuries, as well as the loud call for morning prayer – this prevents those who come in large numbers from sleeping. As the author noted, compatriots do this openly and without embarrassment. “They pass by the mosque during the day, defiantly roll their eyes, point at her and say how she woke them up at night,” she explained. All this emotional manifestation is disrespect for Turkish culture, the blogger believes. Coming to a foreign country and criticizing the local way of life and cultural values ​​is the height of disrespect.

Newly minted emigrants are outraged not only on the streets, but also in thematic groups on social networks and instant messengers. Here are some quotes from a Russian woman:

  • “The Turks turned off our Mir cards. We bring them money, but they set us up.”
  • “At the fruit market, such bags are dirty! And they break off the cheese with their hands and give it a try. Phew!”
  • “The service in the cafe is zero. After Moscow in Istanbul, it's like in a remote village.”
  • “How disgusting everyone works! Turks are terribly lazy! Even in state institutions there is some kind of mess.”
  • “In the service sector, no one knows Russian, neither salesmen nor waiters. Some don't even speak broken English. How is that at all?!”

Recall that the Turkish authorities recently approved a bill on the dissemination of false information about the republic on the Internet. The real comments cited as an example may well be regarded as disrespectful and fake about Turkey. For this, tourists are entitled to a fine and imprisonment for a period of 1-3 years for like, comment or post on social networks with false information. Read the details in the article “Tourists heading to Turkey were scared by the prison.”

At the same time, the traveler stated that the Turks did not invite Russians to their place for permanent residence – they themselves came. In addition, the author stated that she does not idealize Turkey and does not consider this country a paradise on Earth, since there are many disadvantages. However, she understands that, even having arrived in this country for permanent residence, she will remain a guest and is obliged to accept local orders. “There are things that can be discussed. For example, that gasoline is expensive in Turkey, the prices for certain products are high, that electricity is constantly becoming more expensive, and so on. These are facts, not claims. It will be useful for tourists and travelers to know them. So that they decide in advance whether they are ready to accept it or not, ”she added. And for everyone who is looking for advice on how to correct the “wrong” Turks, the traveler advised them to return to Russia.

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