In Turkey, they were surprised how full hotels are for September: demand has clearly changed

Turkey was surprised at how full hotels are for September: demand has clearly changed

Hotels in Turkey in September can be filled with tourists almost to capacity – by 90% or more, and this is not a typical picture, since there is usually some break in demand in September. These statistics were announced to the Turkish media by Korhan Alshan, CEO of one of the most luxurious hotel chains in Turkey, Nirvana Hotels. In general, the hotelier records almost full occupancy for the entire season, and expects that the trend will last at least until October inclusive.

“In July, our hotels were occupied at the level of 90-95% in almost all regions of Antalya, in August these figures reached 92-97%. There is usually a break in demand with schools opening in September, but this year we are seeing serious levels of booking even in September. Large tour operators are currently selling more than half of the offers for September. As a result, already now we can say that September is filled by about 70-80%. But in general, we can expect that in September the occupancy of hotels will easily exceed 90 percent,” said Mr. Alshan.

The hotelier also added that classical “beach” tourists choose holidays in September and early October according to two considerations. Firstly, the price, since by the end of the season prices still begin to fall. Secondly, climatic – intense heat subsides.

According to him, there are chances for good occupancy in October-November, but the composition of tourists is likely to change. Turkey is seriously looking to MICE tourism, which also suffered a downturn due to the pandemic and is now experiencing strong pent-up demand. Also in October-November, a “take-off” of sports tourism is planned.

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