Incredible Luck: A German tourist got stuck between rocks in Phuket and was only saved because of it

Incredibly lucky: a German tourist got stuck between rocks in Phuket and was only saved because of it

Only a charged mobile phone and incredible luck could save a German tourist who opened his vacation on the Thai island of Phuket with an unforgettable adventure. A tourist, during an introductory walk, got stuck among the rocks and could not get out on his own – as a result, he was “exhausted” by the tourist police, to which the victim miraculously managed to get through – since the phone still had a charge and there was a cellular network in the area of ​​the emergency.

According to local media rescuers, a German tourist, 21-year-old Leon Isiman Samuels, landed at Phuket International Airport and decided to walk from the airport to the hotel where he stopped on foot. So he passed Nai Thon beach, and then went out into the forest opposite – where he got stuck in a trap between huge ones.

“He was lucky that his phone signal was still available and he could contact the tourist police,” rescuers say. According to them, the tourist police hotline was informed about the man's predicament around 19:00, and at 20:00 they were able to start searching. The rescuers split into two groups and followed the location he sent via WhatsApp – about 1.1 km from the beach, which is surrounded by dense coastal forest. Rescuers worked until the tourist.

As a result, the tourist was taken out after almost four hours of waiting in a trap. He himself was uninjured – but one of the police “suffered a slight ankle injury, as the rescuers had to go to the scene through difficult terrain.”

Local lifeguards remind tourists of the need to observe safety precautions. And if you failed, then the emergency number: 1155. The phone operates throughout Thailand.

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