Indonesian lived with a Russian woman for a year and quickly divorced: Russian tourist revealed unexpected reasons

Indonesian lived with Russian woman for a year and divorced quickly: Russian tourist revealed unexpected reasons

her most interesting year in her life, but still eventually divorced. The history of the holiday romance and the unexpected reasons for its end was described by a Russian tourist in her Zen channel.

During another visit to Indonesia, a Russian tourist booked accommodation with a local resident who shared with her the details of his relationship with a Russian girl, Olya. According to him, he no longer wants to meet Russian women. Despite the fact that the Indonesian was never bored with his ex-girlfriend, and they had a great time.

Among the main reasons for the breakup, the man calls Olya's habit of talking for hours with parents and friends from Russia via video calls. The Indonesian did not have time to master the Russian language, but he was incredibly interested in how the girl spoke of him in conversations with loved ones. To direct questions, Olya only said that she described her boyfriend as a good person.

The pangs of curiosity were interrupted by the holidays of the stomach, when the Russian woman got up to the stove. She always cooked for a long time, but at once a lot of different dishes from soups to desserts. The Indonesian remembered only the most banal names like fried potatoes, fritters with fruit and honey, porridge, scrambled eggs with sausages. However, the Indonesian claims that he has never feasted like this in his life, and as a result, he has noticeably recovered.

A common food in Indonesia is rice, present in almost every meal. The Russian woman tried to diversify the menu with other cereals and potatoes, which are very expensive in the country and are considered incredible exotic. Of the dishes with rice that Olya cooked, the man especially liked pilaf.

Another reason for disagreement was the family budget. The Russian woman convinced the Indonesian that his money is common and should go to food and entertainment, and her money from working through the Internet belongs only to her. No discussion. Olya spent her money on cosmetics, clothes and shoes. A year later, the girl's wardrobe already occupied half of the apartment.

As a result, the couple broke up. The Indonesian keeps warm memories of his ex-girlfriend Olya, who was always active, cheerful and interesting, but no longer risks dating Russian women. As, however, with local women, with whom a man is now simply bored…

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