Investment analyst predicts cheaper holiday in Turkey

Investment analyst predicted cheaper holidays in Turkey

Cheaper holidays in Turkey were predicted by investment analyst Alexander Razuvaev. Also, according to his forecasts, Russian citizens will not have to worry about their property in Turkey, and in addition, the national currency in Turkey will continue to suffer from inflation, which is only good for tourists. He voiced this forecast in an interview with RIA FAN

All these optimistic forecasts are connected, first of all, with the fact that the third participant in the first round of elections in Turkey, Sinan Ogan, said that he would support the candidacy of Recep Erdogan in the upcoming elections. That is, the victory of the incumbent president in the second round is more than likely. And this, in turn, means that, according to the analyst, “Turkey will not become a second Germany or Poland and will not join the anti-Russian front.” Also, do not be afraid of the imposition of sanctions by Turkey.

The second thing the analyst said is that the Turkish authorities will also continue to “treat” inflation by lowering the key rate. “So, the dollar is waiting for a rocket: the rate of 50 or even 100 lira per dollar is not far off. The Russians are only on hand. Holidays in Turkey will become cheaper,” he said. Also, Mr. Razuvaev added that “professionals from the Bank of Russia and the Ministry of Finance will always advise Turkish colleagues on monetary policy issues.” “The monstrous experiment with the lira exchange rate and inflation cannot go on forever. I would like to hope that the end of this story is not far off,” he added. Recall that it is the insane inflation that Turkish hotels explain the rise in prices, which scared Russian tourists away from the destination.

In addition, Russians, like other citizens of the post-Soviet space, need not be afraid for their property in Turkey. “The Turkish authorities do not intend to completely ban the sale of housing to foreigners against the backdrop of a huge increase in real estate prices, but a number of measures will be taken after the elections,” said Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu.

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