Israeli tourism celebrates first million, expects second, and counts on 10

Israeli tourism has marked the first million, is expecting the second, and is counting on 10

“We have brought the tourism industry back to life despite the challenges,” Tourism Minister Yoel Razvozov commented on the meeting of the millionth tourist in Israel in 2022. The country expects to receive up to 2 million tourists this year and is making optimistic plans for the future – Israel has planned to receive 10 million tourists annually by 2030. Obviously, this record will not be possible without the Russian market, which in the past was second in terms of tourist flow.

As for the “anniversary” tourist, it turned out to be 53-year-old Belinda Dezoyo Lee Marcelo from the United Arab Emirates who arrived at Ben Gurion Airport. The iconic tourist arrived noticeably earlier than expected by the Ministry of Tourism, Mr. Razvozov also added. At the same time, he recalled that the first million was reached in a short time, since Israel allowed tourists only since March.

According to the Ministry of Tourism, 244,500 tourist entries were registered in June 2022, 33% less than the record set in June 2019. Based on the recovery trend in inbound tourism, up to two million tourists are expected to arrive in Israel by the end of the year.

“Contrary to all the pessimistic forecasts, today we see that tourism has returned to Israel. We are now looking forward to the goal I have set for the industry: 10 million tourists in 2030,” the Israeli Minister of Tourism also added. Obviously, to achieve this figure, it is necessary to invest in the restoration of tourism from Russia, which in the past ranked second in terms of tourist flow to Israel, second only to the United States.

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