Issuing air tickets in Russia is now starting in a new way

Issuing air tickets in Russia is now starting in a new way

From October 30, Russian airlines had to issue tickets in a new way. In order to “protect against possible sanctions from unfriendly states and the security of personal data of Russians booking tickets for domestic flights,” Russian air carriers switched to a new ticket booking system.

) only Russian software will be used,” is one of the main updated requirements for the system. All of them were approved by a resolution signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

“According to the updated requirements, exclusive rights to AIS ERP should belong either to the state or to an organization whose founders and leaders do not include foreigners or Russians with dual citizenship. In addition, the automated system and all its elements should not have the functions of forced updating and control from abroad,” the requirements also state. The situation is similar with the warranty service of the system, it will be carried out only by Russian organizations, and its databases, servers and other technological infrastructure will be located exclusively in Russia.

It is assumed that the solution will avoid disruptions in air traffic, which may occur if the owners of foreign information systems impose restrictions on their use. However, its introduction did not go smoothly.

According to Telegram, huge queues formed over the weekend due to the transition to Sirena (as the domestic automated air transportation processing system from the Rostec company is called). . The main reason is the transition to the new Aeroflot system, which used to work on the American Saber system.

Recall that the carrier has “turned off” online check-in, which will not work until at least the evening of October 30, and warned tourists by asking them to arrive 4 hours before departure. However, large queues could not be avoided. However, according to the official statement of the carrier, by nine o'clock on Saturday evening the queues “dissolved”.

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