It became clear in which countries Russians want to relax in the summer

It became clear in which countries Russians want to spend their summer holidays

Independent tourists have original preferences for summer holidays. Interesting results were shown by the analysis of the OneTwoTrip service, in which it was analyzed in which countries Russians want to relax in the summer. The rating was compiled on the basis of data on the search for hotels abroad from June to August.

The details and prices provided by the experts of the service are as follows:

  1. The leader of the rating is quite predictable – the most Russian tourists are attracted by Turkey: this country accounts for 32.4% of search queries abroad. The average cost of a night in a Turkish hotel is 3,800 rubles.
  2. But Armenia already ranks second in the rating: 10.5% of service users who are considering travel options for this summer are interested in housing in the country. You can stay in hotels in Armenia for an average of 3,200 rubles per day.
  3. The third is “closed” Italy, whose share was 7.9%; a room there will cost about 7,000 rubles.
  4. Kazakhstan is also in the top five (share – 5.2%), where the average cost of a room is 2,200 rubles.
  5. Original is also « closing” of the top five — despite all the political confrontation, Russian tourists continue to flock to the UK (4.9%), where hotel accommodation costs about 8,500 rubles per night.

In addition, the list of countries in demand includes Israel (4.5%, 5,600 rubles), Georgia (3.5%, 3,400 rubles), the United Arab Emirates (3.3%, 4,000 rubles), Belarus (3.0%, 3 800 rubles) and France (2.8%, 9,000 rubles).

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