It became known how and when Russian tourists stranded in Egypt and Sri Lanka will be taken out

It became known how and when Russian tourists stuck in Egypt and Sri Lanka will be taken out

Details about export flights for “their” tourists from Sri Lanka and Egypt were presented by the national carrier Aeroflot. We are talking about routes from Colombo, Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada – the latter are also expected to land tourists from Cairo. But, as the carrier warned, “only Russian citizens who have Aeroflot round-trip tickets with a used flight segment from the Russian Federation will be accepted for transportation.”

The details are as follows: flights will be operated on March 14 (local time is indicated ):

  • FV6266 – departure from Colombo at 14:00, arrival at Sheremetyevo at 20:35
  • FV6696 – departure from Sharm el-Sheikh at 11:30, arrival at Sheremetyevo at 18:40

On March 15, the flight is scheduled for operation:

  • FV6998 — departure from Hurghada at 04:15, arrival at Sheremetyevo at 11 :35

The flights will be operated by Rossiya Airlines.

“Passengers will be notified of ongoing flights via Aeroflot's automated messaging system by phone/e-mail/SMS. We kindly ask passengers to check the correctness of the contact details specified when issuing the ticket in advance! Please note that after receiving a notification about an ongoing flight, the passenger must confirm their intention to use the carriage by calling the Aeroflot contact center, ”added on the carrier’s official website.

For tourists stuck in Cairo – Aeroflot experts also added – a transfer from Cairo to Hurghada will be organized, it will depart on March 14 at 16:30. “The bus will depart from Cairo Airport from the parking lot located opposite Terminal 3. Citizens of the Russian Federation who have reissued tickets for a special flight of Rossiya Airlines (FV6998), scheduled for March 15 at 04:15, will be able to use the transfer,” Aeroflot said. .

The carrier also issued the following warning to travelers: “Travelers are requested to be responsible when planning their return to their homeland. You can use the booking for special flights only once. A claimed but unused booking of transportation will be canceled and refunds will not be available. The national carrier also said that work on the organization of “export” flights continues and tourists will be notified additionally.

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