It became known how, instead of lynching, a tourist who danced on top of the pyramid was punished

It became known how instead of lynching a tourist who danced on top of the pyramid was punished

Today it became known that the tourist who caused a storm of indignation got off very lightly – only not a big penalty. The authorities issued her a fine of just over $300, and this is on top of the storm of indignation offline and on social networks. All this was “earned” by a tourist who climbed and danced on the Mayan pyramid in Mexico. A video of a blonde woman and angry tourists who wanted to lynch her by sacrificing her like the ancient Iaya Indians went viral on social networks.

Recall, the tourist climbed the steps of the Castillo de Cukulcan pyramid, considered one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, which are located in the archaeological zone of Chichen Itza in southeastern Mexico. It should be noted that tourists are generally prohibited from climbing the pyramids, but the author of the performance also danced at the top of the pyramid.

“This further angered the Mexican and foreign visitors who witnessed the incident. When the guard led the tourist from the ancient monument, she was met by an angry crowd of visitors. She was greeted with shouts of “Jail”, “Lock her up!” and even “sacrifice her!”, the local media paint. According to them, the crowd of tourists was outraged by such a violation of the rules. In addition, the “performer” was booed, and some even doused her with bottled water. Read the details at this link. However, the tourist risked a much more serious fine, as well as deportation.

By the way, tourists climbing the famous pyramids of Egypt are a common occurrence: the “wonder of the world” invariably attracts those who are PR and preoccupied. Therefore, the country's authorities announced at the beginning of autumn 2020 that those who try to climb the pyramids of Giza will face imprisonment for a period of a month, as well as serious fines. Moreover, if the actions are associated with “immorality”, then the terms of punishment and the amount of fines are doubled. The fine ranges from 10,000 to 100,000 Egyptian pounds (that is, from 25,000 to almost 250,000 rubles), while it may not cancel a prison sentence. “The law aims to preserve the cultural heritage of Egypt, protect antiquities and return stolen artifacts,” lawmakers say.

Recall that the “immorality” of the ancient pyramids met repeatedly. The first scandal was recorded in 2015 – then a stripper with a partner posted porn videos on the network against the backdrop of the pyramids. The Egyptian authorities, who at first refused to acknowledge the authenticity of the footage, later announced that the case had been transferred to the prosecutor's office, which was tasked with investigating the incident. At the same time, a porn star of Russian origin, as well as the security guards of the complex, were “reproached” for creating a porn show, since it turned out that most of it was filmed on the official territory, where tourists are not allowed to enter.

At the end of 2018, obscene behavior and the illegal climbing of the pyramids was “noted” by the Danish tourist photographer Andreas Hvid with his partner. He “launched” a photo and video on the network of having sex with his girlfriend on top of the Pyramid of Cheops, one of the main attractions of Egypt. How the couple managed to get to the top of the pyramid remains a mystery.

Police last arrested a foreign tourist who tried to climb the Great Pyramid of Giza in October 2019, Egypt's antiquities ministry said in a statement. The ministry did not disclose details about the nationality or identity of the tourist, but he managed to slip through – although climbing the pyramids in Egypt was already prohibited, but it was not considered a serious crime. Read more here.

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