It became known how much more expensive hotels in Turkey will rise next year, and when such price increases will stop

It became known how much hotels in Turkey will rise next year, and when such price increases will stop

Prices in Turkish hotels – at least when it comes to hotels in Istanbul – are leaving the “covid low” and are skyrocketing. In 2023, experts predict growth of at least 20%. At the same time, hoteliers are sure that if there is no “inflation and recession”, then tourists, primarily Europeans, will cope with this increase, i.e. it won't scare them away. Otherwise, tourism will be seriously affected. This assessment was voiced in the Turkish media by the chairman of the board of directors of Levni Hotels, Aydin Karadzhabay.

He says he expects prices to increase by about 0% in 2023 “with bookings back to normal.” In exact numbers, the prices of rooms that have fallen to 70 euros due to the coronavirus have exceeded 120 euros. And at least during 2023, when there will be active demand from tourists who have postponed trips for the duration of covid, the trend will continue. However, the rapid rise in prices will stop by 2024, the expert believes…

“So far, despite the talk of recession and inflation, our prices are acceptable for Western tourists. If there is both inflation and a recession, tourism will also suffer. However, the situation is not yet clear,” said Mr. Karadzhabai.

Recall that earlier other Turkish experts also spoke about price increases. Thus, Müberra Eresin, President of the Turkish Hoteliers Association (TÜROB), stated the following: “The daily room rate in Turkey in September 2022 averaged 142.2 euros. In 2019, this figure was 83.33 euros. The revenue per room from the total number of rooms in September 2022 was 110.6 euros. In 2019, this figure was 61.9 euros,” the Turkish expert said. That is, the price has almost doubled. Read more at this link.

At the same time, in fact, hotels have nowhere to go – the reason for the growth is not only the increased demand of tourists, but also objective circumstances – the hotels themselves are “pressed” by the increase in prices for the necessary resources, primarily for electricity. Currently, the price of electricity in Turkey for hotels is 1.3 liras per kilowatt. However, a panic alert from the local main energy company Enerji SA claims that the price will rise by 100% to 2.6 lira by the end of the year, and again in January to 3.6 lira. In terms of Russian money, the price will increase from 4.3 to almost 12 rubles per kilowatt.

At the same time, hotels depend critically on the cost of electricity – we can at least mention air conditioners in the rooms, which consume a huge amount of kilowatts even in summer, and in winter, already working on heating. Adding here such an obvious expense of the off-season and the winter season as the heating of swimming pools in many popular hotels, as a banal increase in the operating time of all lighting due to a short daylight hours. In addition, the rise in the cost of energy in the country leads to a general rise in the cost of food, which also puts pressure on hotels. Details in the material “TURPROM” “Turkish hotels in a panic: they were officially stunned by the new prices.”

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