It became known how tourists can win $ 5,000 for their vacation

It has become known how tourists can win $5,000 for their vacation

Details about the amounts that tourists can win for their vacation were announced at the Taiwan Tourism Bureau. We are talking about an incentive program with the aim of attracting more foreign tourists – and any tourists who come to the island on their own. The drawing will start on May 1, and during its course, tourists will be able to win $5,000 for their vacation. True, it is worth noting that we are talking about Taiwan dollars, in which the amount of 5'000 is equivalent to 163 US dollars or 13 thousand rubles.

According to the Taiwan press, the Ministry of Transport and Communications explained the subsidy scheme, according to which NT$500,000 will be provided to 500,000 foreign tourists who win within three years. Tourists who enter the country on a foreign passport and stay in the country from three to 90 days will be eligible to participate in the draw starting May 1.

At the same time, as the Taiwan Tourism Bureau clarified, a nice bonus of NT$5,000 will be awarded to 250,000 winners this year, 150,000 tourists will receive the prize next year, and 100,000 in 2025. However, it is possible that the annual quota will be adjusted depending on market conditions.

“Tourists must pre-register online on the event's dedicated webpage or corporate partner platform before they can participate in the draw,” said the Taiwanese experts. At the same time, they added that tourists will be able to receive funds either with a prepaid payment card or an accommodation voucher, providing supporting documentation upon receipt of the prize at the counter at the indicated airport or at the office of the Bureau of Tourism. Payment cards will be issued in EasyCard or iPass format, and when spending prize money using these cards, the limit per purchase is NT$1,500, and a maximum of NT$3,000 can be spent per day. Tourists who choose the voucher option can apply it to the cost of their stay at the hotel. All these bonuses can only be used by the winner, they cannot be sold or exchanged.

True, it is worth noting that the site for registration has not yet been launched. They promise to launch it by the beginning of registration, May 1. Also regarding group travelers, the bureau said that travel agencies will encourage tourists to apply for subsidies if they come to Taiwan for more than 3 days and 2 nights before the end of this year.

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