It became known offensive word that locals call the most drinking foreign tourists

It became known offensive word that locals call the most drinking foreign tourists

“Offensive names” for foreigners, known more from the resorts of Southeast Asia, it turns out, begin right in Europe. Popular resort countries such as Spain have their own catchphrases for the “typical tourist”. And quite offensive – in some cases, the “Russian equivalent” for the translation of this word would be “rest in the style of Tagil rules” – since such a word is often used to designate the most drinking foreign tourists who annoy the locals to the extreme.

The word this is “guiri” (guiri), which according to the main version comes from the Basque word “giri”, which means “blond” or “fair-skinned”. The same versions of the origin, we recall, have the Thai “farang” and the Chinese “laowai”, denoting Europeans. “Locals in Spain now use “guiri” to refer to foreign tourists, especially from English-speaking countries,” the British authors note.

Most often, this is said about the typical “foreigner abroad” – who travels to foreign countries “to break away”, preferring to ignore local rules, drinks a lot and treats the country's culture with contempt. Such tourists have several common behaviors that make other people blush when they are seen abroad,” the authors explain. And then they give all these behaviors.

  • Alcohol abuse that “leads to outlandish behavior” such as singing football chants, which the locals don't much like.
  • Very little clothing, including bare-chested and flip-flops. Even when the weather is not so warm for the locals.
  • The way of shouting in their native language, instead of trying to understand at least a little of the local language.
  • Trying to demand dishes of “their” cuisine in Spanish restaurants , “look for a kebab shop after a night out.” Guiri can also order stereotypical local dishes such as paella or sangria.
  • Lack of sunscreen on the beach. According to the authors, locals chuckle at the gouiri when they see them returning to hotels in beachwear and well “roasted” in the sun.

“Just try not to do all of the above, and more likely you won’t hear it in your address,” the authors of the article add.

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