It became known that it was the Russians who rushed to furiously buy in Turkey

It became known that it was the Russians who rushed to furiously buy in Turkey

compared to the previous year. The main reason is the active sale of real estate to foreigners, and first of all, the fact that Russians rushed to buy apartments and cottages. And it happened exactly after 24.02. Especially the Russian oligarchs promptly responded to the call to “invest and rest” in Turkey, with an eye to obtaining a residence permit. According to the Turkish publication Ahval.

Sales in Turkey of new and existing homes more than doubled in May compared to 2021, according to the newspaper. This was facilitated primarily by a tenfold increase in home purchases by Russians. In numbers, sales increased to 122,768 units last month from 59,168 units last May, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute.

Also according to its statistics, home sales to foreigners jumped 236% year-on-year calculus or up to 5,962 units. Of these, the Russians bought 1,275 units, which is the largest number among non-Turkish nationalities. At the same time, in May last year, Russian citizens purchased only 119 houses. The publication reminds that earlier the Turkish authorities stated that Russian citizens can invest and rest in the country without fear of sanctions, including oligarchs.

By the way, in second place in terms of the number of houses purchased – and also with considerable growth – were citizens of Iran. They bought 736 homes compared to 231 years ago.

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