It became known what Russian tourists are ready to pay extra for on vacation

It became known what Russian tourists are ready to pay any money for on vacation

What are Russian tourists willing to pay any money for on vacation? According to a survey by the OneTwoTrip service, the beach was in first place. More precisely, walking distance to the beach, ie. first line of the hotel. Also, Russian tourists appreciate a variety of entertainment and the all-inclusive format, for which they are also willing to pay extra.

In numbers, according to the service review, it looks like this: 78% of Russian tourists consider proximity to the beach to be the most necessary thing on vacation . Therefore, they choose hotels on the first line, and are ready to pay more for accommodation – walking distance to the sea is more important than any money spent. In second place is the supplement for entertainment on vacation – this included water sports, spa visits or boat trips. 76.5% are ready to pay extra for them. Another 72.7% said they were ready to pay more for the all-inclusive format.

67.7% are ready to pay extra for the view from the room, another 66.8% – for the presence of a balcony in the room. 63.1% of tourists consider the direct star rating of hotels and inns to be a reason to pay extra.

Also, 58.3% consider paying guides and excursions to be expenses that they can afford. 55.6% do not object to seasonal surcharges – they always go on vacation during the high season, when tourists are charged above average. Also, 37.9% are ready to spend money on improving the category of their room.

But additional services turned out to be the least attractive. Only 19.8% of tourists are willing to pay for the contents of a minibar or food delivery to their room.

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