It became known when and how much cheaper tours to Turkey

It became known when and how much cheaper tours to Turkey

In connection with the announced increase in transportation, tours to the most popular foreign destination may become cheaper: forecast when and how much cheaper tours to Turkey, tourists were delighted by the experts of the tourist market. The cost of tours from at least Moscow may drop by a quarter, although a more urgent need to expand flights to Turkey is observed in other regions – in particular, in the Urals. This was stated by the executive director of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) Maya Lomidze.

“Let's hope that the appearance of additional transportation capacities in the Turkish direction will affect the cost of vouchers, since prices were one of the reasons for the declining dynamics of sales to Turkey,” RIA Novosti quotes her as saying. The expert added that the average market price reduction and the possible return of last-minute tours will “revive the market”. If this happens, then, according to her, tours from Moscow will become much cheaper – by 15-25%.

At the same time, the expert added that there is no urgent need to increase flights from Moscow yet. Tour operators are waiting for information on how the extended transportation will be distributed to other Russian cities. “Tour operators note that it would be important to increase transportation from some cities, for example, the Ural or Siberian federal districts,” Maya Lomidze added.

Recall that information about how flights from Russia to Turkey will change was announced in the Russian Ministry of Transport. The number of flights in summer will be increased by 50%. This was stated by the First Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Andrey Kostyuk. The reason for the increase in the number of flights, he called a significant increase in demand. “The number of flights will increase by 50% compared to last summer, more than 720 flights a week are planned on 62 routes. The Turkish carriers for flights between Russia and Turkey also confirmed the received applications,” said Mr. Kostyuk. A total of 630 weekly flights are scheduled on 37 routes. The Federal Air Transport Agency also confirmed the applications of Turkish airlines for additional flights to Russia with a total frequency of 49 flights per week. Read more at this link.

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