It became known when regular and even charter flights to Thailand from Russia will be resumed

It became known when regular and even charter flights to Thailand from Russia will resume

Despite the predictions of their own experts, who “wrote off” Russian tourists, at least for the coming season, the tourist authorities of Thailand expect to return the massive flow of Russians – including restoring direct flights between Russia and the kingdom. It is planned to do this already at the start of the next autumn-winter season. Although the matter does not go further than theoretical statements.

According to ATOR, Deputy Head of Marketing Communications of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Siripakorn Chihausamut met with representatives of the tourism industry in Phuket to discuss plans for Russian tourist flow for the high winter season. The restoration of air traffic and the possible launch of Mir cards became one of the main topics. As reported by ATOR, Andrey Snetkov, who was present at the meeting, CEO of TEZ TOUR Thailand, Deputy Head of Marketing Communications of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), said that the authorities of the kingdom are interested in restoring the mass tourist flow from Russia by the winter season 2022-2023 and “are making efforts to implement these maximum efforts.”

“The meeting discussed both the possible frequencies of regular flights from the Russian Federation, and various options for setting up charter flights,” Andrey Snetkov noted separately. It should be noted that so far two national carriers have announced plans to restore flights to Thailand.

Aeroflot's winter schedule includes direct daily flights from Moscow to Phuket on the Airbus A330 starting from October. However, the sale of tickets has not yet begun and official statements from the carrier have not yet been received. In general, the plans are real, experts of the travel market say, but so far the carrier's plans are being treated with caution.

“Yes, Aeroflot announced its decision a month ago. But in order for the plans to become a reality, the Russian carrier needs guarantees at the level of the Thai government. But so far there is no relevant confirmation from the Thai side,” commented one of the experts of the tourist market. In general, tour operators urge to wait for specifics.

The situation is similar with Thai carriers – plans to resume flights to Russia for the upcoming winter season have been announced by Thai Airways from Thailand to Moscow and Thai Air Asia X from Thailand to Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk and Vladivostok. But so far, according to the carrier, the whole issue rests on aircraft insurance.

“The situation with direct flights from Russia to Thailand remains unchanged, but the prospects are no longer as vague as they were a couple of months ago,” experts estimated.

Also as support measures Russian tourist flow is also considering the cooperation of Thai banks with the Russian payment system Mir, Andrey Snetkov added. However, there are no specifics yet. “We all sincerely hope that in the winter season 2022-2023 Thailand will once again become available to a wide range of Russian tourists,” Andrey Snetkov summed up. UAE. Prices for a tour with a departure in August to Pattaya cost somewhere around 210 thousand with a flight; to Phuket – about 225 thousand. For the winter it is still cheaper – 150 and 122 thousand, respectively. Tourists book well, the depth reaches January 2023.

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