It became known where Russian skiers go to rest and how much it costs on average

It became known where Russian skiers go on vacation and how much it costs on average

The criteria by which our tourists choose ski resorts, how many of them prefer foreign routes even in the current circumstances, how much they are willing to spend on winter holidays, and how many real and potential skiers among tourists in general, OneTwoTrip service experts found out. Interestingly, it turned out that this type of recreation in Russia is really popular – at least half of the respondents turned out to be lovers of skiing – 51.6% of them – which, of course, is not so surprising in the thematic survey. Also, another third – 30.9% – are snowboarders. It was noted that only 17.5% do not go skiing. But even among them, 44.6% are ready to start snowboarding, 28.6% are ready to ski, and only 26.8% do not even want to study.

At the same time, our tourists mostly visited large Russian resorts – 80.3% were there. Tourists named their pluses the quality and variety of routes – 60.5% and the prices for the road and hotel accommodation – 47.5%. However, tourists say that it is worth reducing prices for ski passes – 63.8% voted for this, as well as updating and adding the number of lifts – 42.3% called this minus.

42 managed to ride abroad, 3%. Tourists praised foreign routes for the most part – over 80%, as well as good service (67.7%) and the very possibility of traveling abroad (48%). However, the prices for equipment rental and ski passes are not liked by the majority – 57.4%, and another 42.2% of respondents noted that it is now very difficult to get to many resorts.

As for this season, mostly skiers have already managed to ride – almost 57% of them, only about 35% are going to rush to the mountains. Moreover, only 5.6% were able to go abroad, and 51.1% skated in Russia. In Russia, the resorts of Krasnaya Polyana were most often called, many visited Sheregesh, Arkhyz, Dombai and Elbrus. Of the foreign resorts, the following were most often mentioned: Chimbulak (Kazakhstan), Karakol (Kyrgyzstan), Tignes and Val d'Isere (France), Sölden (Austria) and the Dolomites (Italy). Tourists even go to Austria and France, as well as Georgia, Turkey, Serbia and Armenia, and among the Russian destinations, skiers are attracted by Arkhyz, Krasnaya Polyana, Dombai, Khibiny, Sheregesh and Elbrus.

At the same time, ride not everyone succeeded – 8.5% noted that they did not leave this season and do not plan to. The main reasons are no time, 39% of them, no money — almost 31% and 14.3% said that sanctions blocked their way – the direction they are interested in does not accept tourists, or it is difficult to get a visa there.

Speaking of money: most consider the optimal budget for a trip to be up to 50,000 rubles per person — this answer was chosen by 28.8% of respondents. Another 22.2% are willing to spend up to 30,000 rubles, and 17.9% – up to 70,000 rubles. 12.6% do not think about saving – their optimal budget is up to 100,000 rubles. 9.8%, on the contrary, have a reasonable approach to spending and try to keep within the amount of up to 20,000 rubles per person. Only 8.7% of respondents are willing to pay more than 100,000 rubles for a vacation.

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