It became known which countries Russian tourists fly to with money after February 24

It became known which countries Russian tourists fly to with money after February 24

After February 24, the Russian elite did not stop traveling abroad, but now wealthy tourists are mainly flying to the Middle East and Asia as global sanctions limit their access to destinations in the West, Travel Weekly reported. Now the priority for our fellow citizens with big money is Turkey and the UAE.

According to ForwardKeys, outgoing flights from Russia account for only 15% of the pre-pandemic level. According to the same information, booking international air tickets from Russia on February 18, i.е. before the start of the special operation, it was at 42%, and the next week, after February 24, air ticket bookings fell sharply to 19% of the 2019 level. Since then, the figure has hovered around 15% from pre-pandemic levels.

The analytical center said that wealthy Russians still fly abroad, but they choose not European countries, as was the case before February 24, but Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. In particular, experts made such a conclusion based on the booking volumes of premium cabins in Turkey and the United Arab Emirates: the number of applications has tripled compared to the pre-Covid 2019. The Russian elite rushed to the Middle East and Asia, as the global sanctions associated with the start of the special operation of the Russian army in Ukraine blocked their access to the western directions.

Experts conducted an analysis to find the most popular destinations. An analysis of flight bookings from February 24 to April 27 showed that summer bookings for Sri Lanka are now 85% ahead of pre-pandemic levels, 49% for the UAE, 36% for Turkey, and 1% for the Maldives. , to Kyrgyzstan – by 11%. According to the center, the average trip duration for Russian premium travelers is 12 nights in Turkey and 7 nights in the UAE.

“It should be noted that Sri Lanka’s position at the top of the list is not a true reflection of the island’s attractiveness as a destination. destination. Rather, it is a consequence of the terrorist bombings that scared away tourists in 2019, the year before the pandemic,” said Olivier Ponty, vice president of insights at ForwardKeys.

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