It can cost a life: the stewardess spoke about the dangerous mistake that most passengers make on flights

It could cost lives: a flight attendant spoke about a dangerous mistake most passengers make on flights

A dangerous mistake that most passengers make while waiting for a plane to take off is to ignore the safety demonstration. According to a flight attendant on a Reddit forum, this can be fatal even if the tourist thinks they know the rules.

All airlines are required to hold a pre-takeoff demonstration, which often shows emergency exits, as well as how to use life jackets and oxygen masks. Passengers who ignore the safety demonstration are putting their lives at risk and some emergencies are fatal, the flight attendant said. Often, travelers use the time during the demonstration to sleep or start watching movies, listening to music, which means that they miss out on a very important tip.

History does not forgive mistakes. Cases are known when ignoring safety rules led to the death of some passengers, although this could have been avoided. Here are some of them:

  • So, in 1996125 of the 175 tourists aboard an Ethiopian Airlines flight died after the plane was hijacked and then plunged into the water. Frightened passengers inflated their life jackets on the plane, despite warnings from staff to do so only outside the cabin. When the cabin filled with water, all passengers were trapped as their inflated life jackets prevented them from escaping from the sinking liner.
  • In 2005In 2018, an Air France aircraft overran the runway, injuring several passengers because they had ignored previous seat belt recommendations. A post-crash report said: “Using a seat belt may seem very simple, but you'd be surprised how many hikers get injured during unexpected turbulence because they unfastened their seat belts in flight. Most airlines recommend that seat belts be worn during the safety demonstration and not unfastened for the duration of the flight, although some studies have shown that during an emergency evacuation, some passengers are unable to unfasten their seat belts due to the “startle effect”.
  • A in 2018Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 was forced to make an emergency landing after one of its engines exploded and one window failed. During this time, passengers had to wear oxygen masks to survive. However, many of them put them on incorrectly, because they ignored the instructions of the staff. Former crew member Bobby Laurie wrote on his Twitter account (the social network is blocked in the territory of the Russian Federation): “People, listen to your flight attendants! Almost everyone in this photo today is using masks incorrectly. Put your phone down, stop taking selfies and listen!”

Another flight attendant on the same forum said that it's okay to use the toilet in a timely manner and not tolerate it, but don't do it during a safety demonstration : “Before takeoff, you can go to the toilet. But when you see the flight attendants doing a safety demonstration, you should stay in your seats and wait until the seat belt sign goes out. When passengers get up during the security demonstration, we need to stop, wait, and start over when everyone is back in their seats.”

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