It turned out that the Russians want to live in Moscow, study in London and spend their honeymoon in the Maldives

It turned out that Russians want to live in Moscow, study in London and spend their honeymoon in the Maldives

Russian tourists consider Moscow the best place to be born and build a career, from their point of view, it is best to spend a honeymoon in the Maldives, but it is better to study in inaccessible London. Such a “rating of cities” was presented by the OneTwoTrip service, which polled tourists which cities they consider ideal for different events or periods of life.

So, tourists named Rome as the ideal city for the first trip – the capital of Italy won 13.1% of the votes, another 10.3% chose Paris, and 6.0% – Sydney. In addition, the list includes the Maldives (5.5%), Phuket (4.8%), Barcelona (4.4%), Santorini (3.1%), Tokyo (2.8%), London (2. 6%) and St. Petersburg (2.1%). At the same time, the Maldives turned out to be ideal for wedding tourism and honeymoon, “pushing” the European favorites – they were chosen by 11.2% of respondents. In second place with 10.8% of the vote is Rome, and in third with 10.2% is Paris. Also ideal locations for iconic romantic events, according to tourists, are Venice (6.3%), Bali (5.0%), Barcelona (4.7%), Dubai (4.3%), Lisbon (3. 7%), Singapore (3.0%) and the Greek island of Santorini (2.2%).

But for educational tourism, London turned out to be the favorite – 28% of tourists believe that it is best to study there . But by the way, Russian capitals follow: Moscow came in second with a share of 21.5%, followed by St. Petersburg (8.6%).

By the way, Russian tourists will prefer to be born in the capital, or rather in both capitals – Moscow received 16.9% of the votes, and St. Petersburg – 10.4%. Abroad received only “bronze” – 6.4% would like to be born in New York. Moreover, Moscow also leads in the nomination “the city where you would like to stay forever” – it was chosen there by an absolute majority, amounting to 9.7% of the respondents, they would also choose Moscow. St. Petersburg comes next with 6.7% of the vote, and Barcelona is only a little behind – 6.3% of respondents would like to spend their whole life in a city in Spanish Catalonia. Also, in Moscow, it is best to build a career and raise children, the respondents are sure.

But in retirement, tourists do not mind moving to Europe – or at least to warmer climes. In the answer to this question, the first place was taken by Barcelona – 7.3%, the second – Sochi – 6.5%. Third place again went to Moscow.

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