It was announced how much demand for foreign tours fell in Russia

It was announced how much demand for foreign tours fell in Russia

Over the week, sales of tours abroad from Russia collapsed by 70%. Such information, voiced by the Association of Tour Operators of Russia, was “picked up” by the Turkish media. At the same time, surprisingly, Egypt, where flight programs are still forced to be closed, overtakes Turkey.

“Sales of international tours from Russia for the week from February 28 to March 6 fell by almost 70 percent compared to the previous week,” ATOR said in a statement. The reasons are obvious – first of all, “an unprecedented geopolitical crisis”, due to which most foreign destinations closed their airspace to Russia, as well as the depreciation of the ruble and rising prices for international tours, sharply reduced the demand of Russian tourists.

However, there are still optimists on the tourist market – who assume that the bottom has been reached – and then the percentage of sales will grow again. True, for the most part due to the domestic market, the main drop was in the exit market – and nothing but a fall is in store for it, given the current international situation and the growth of the dollar and the euro.

As a result, the statistics of the association is as follows – in the first place in terms of the number of surviving sales – domestic tourism, primarily domestic resorts. Egypt unexpectedly took the second place – it accounts for 22% of sales. Turkey ranks third with 16%. At the same time, the average cost of tours to Turkey last week amounted to 108 thousand rubles, the average cost of tours to Egypt – about 100 thousand rubles, and in the United Arab Emirates, which were in the third “exit” place, exceeded 275 thousand rubles.

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