It's over: Russian tourists are named the cause of the collapse of the famous resort

It's over: Russian tourists are called the cause of the collapse of the famous resort

“It's all over. The Russians won't come again. This is a collapse, ”the German edition of Schwaebische published such a statement about the fate of the popular German resort of Baden-Baden. The popular German resort, built largely thanks to Russian money, is now flooded not by wealthy Russian tourists, but by Ukrainian refugees, with a small number of Russian relocators.

As Valentina Yushchina, deputy chairman of the German-Russian Cultural Society of Baden, assures on the pages of the publication -Baden, the number of Russian tourists began to decrease as early as 2014. And after February 2022, the contingent changed almost completely: much to the chagrin of the owners of hotels, restaurants and luxury boutiques, “complete collapse” reigned in the resort and Ukrainian refugees instead of rich Russian vacationers.

“Here everyone was obsessed with Russians” , – adds the expert. Since the beginning of the 90s, money from wealthy Russians has been flowing to the resort, and some medical services – like dentists and plastic surgeons – were “cheaper than in Moscow.”

At the moment, most wealthy Russians have already sold their local real estate, moreover, several planes were confiscated at the local airport due to sanctions. As a result, the local Russian diaspora remains in the city – about 2 thousand people, as well as recently the popular resort was “flooded” by Ukrainian refugees.

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