Jail or heavy fine: Tourists in the Gulf country are sternly warned not to break a simple rule

Jail or big fine: Tourists in the Gulf country are strictly warned not to break a simple rule

Tourists Those who gathered in Qatar for the World Cup, as well as in this country in general, were sternly warned about some simple rules, the violation of which can result in a heavy fine or prison. If the fact that alcohol is prohibited in a Muslim country, fans, as they say, “grieves, but does not stop,” then some things that are innocent in other countries in Qatar can turn into a serious fine and even prison. We are talking about vaping.

But first about alcohol: Qatari authorities upset some fans by announcing a ban on alcohol in stadiums. In general, tourists can drink alcohol in their “reservations”, but its use is strictly controlled. You can drink in hotels, there are also shops where foreigners can buy strong drinks. Tourists were also separately warned that the import of alcohol from abroad into the country is not allowed – if it is found, the tourist is threatened with either a fine or even deportation.

More about non-obvious vaping – tourists were warned that smoking is allowed in Qatar , but electronic cigarettes are suddenly outlawed. Since 2014, anyone, including tourists, could face up to three months in prison if caught using e-cigarettes. The fine for vaping is also rather big – the amounts reach almost 160 thousand in ruble equivalent.

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