Khamsin and terrible cold covered Hurghada: all excursions canceled

Khamsin and a terrible cold covered Hurghada: all excursions were canceled

The weather brings unpleasant surprises to the resorts of Egypt in the 2022 season one after another: after the winter cold weather, now Russian tourists stuck in Hurghada “fell » Khamsin is a strong desert wind that brings sand and dust storms with it.

“Strict orders have been given to close all ports,” Egyptian media reported, referring to the order of the provincial authorities. The Red Sea has already experienced “several severe storms” and this will continue in the near future, although usually there are no storms in the Red Sea due to its small width.

Tourists are strongly advised to stay in hotels – the temperature is low for Egypt and a strong wind with dust is not the best time for walking. As the experts of Turprom previously explained, in Hurghada with Hamasin, the wind force usually reaches about 14 m/s, which raises sand into the air. It's not dangerous, but extremely annoying. It is also recommended to refrain from traveling if possible: sandstorms lead to a sharp restriction of visibility and require extreme caution while driving.

We add that according to the opinions of the Russians who are now in Hurghada, in addition to the sandstorm, it is very cold there now. “This is such a dust storm now on the road to Hurghada. And very cold for Egypt. Until now, the temperature at night in Hurghada is 11 degrees. According to my feelings, this is like a plus 5 in Moscow. There has never been such a cold winter and spring on the Red Sea…”, wrote the author of the block “Egypt, he is such Egypt” in Zen.

OUR REFERENCE: Khamsin (literal translation from Arabic – fifty) is a dry, often very hot wind that blows from the deserts of North Africa to the Middle East and Egypt. Khamsin blows for several days, a total of about 50 days a year, mainly from spring to autumn. During the summer months, Khamsin can bring heat in excess of 40°C with gale force winds. In spring, Khamsin, on the contrary, is not hot, but at any time of the year it always contains a lot of dust and sand.

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