Ladder out: Azur Air tourists stuck in UAE due to staff error

Gangway out: Azur Air tourists stuck in UAE due to staff error

Due to staff errors Russian tourists got stuck in the UAE: the liner on which they were supposed to go home did not take off due to an inflatable ladder that fell out of the cabin. This is reported by Izvestia.

According to the source of the publication, we are talking about an Azur Air airliner. The incident occurred as a result of a technical error. Due to his mistake, an emergency ladder fell out of the plane, and the liner could not take off.

The publication also cites complaints from tourists. According to them, the tour operator delivered them to the airport in five hours. At the same time, Russian cards are not accepted at the airport, as a result, tourists, including families with children, could not buy food and water for themselves. The tourists also said that after the emergency with the liner they were sent to hotels. However, they were never provided with food and drinks, only breakfast was promised.

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