Large Turkish tour operator operating in Russia files for bankruptcy

A large Turkish tour operator that worked in Russia declared bankruptcy

The Turkish tour operator, which twice “threw” Russian tourists, repeated this maneuver in its historical homeland. Turkish Detur Global, which previously announced a “suspension of activities”, today, as expected, has already declared bankruptcy.

According to a statement on the official website, in September “a decision was made to suspend travel, make organizational changes, and add new capital for the remainder of 2022,” all of which was undertaken “due to the challenges faced by the industry and the company.” The decision was also supposed to “as an alternative to attract new owners and resume work.

However, according to the tour operator, the creditors did not meet halfway. As a result, “the liquidity situation has become acute, and the time needed for the planned measures to ensure survival has expired.” As a result, the tour operator went bankrupt. And he goes on to express regret for the inconvenience caused to the tourists “who booked the long-awaited sunny cruise” and the staff.

However, there is nothing surprising in the situation for the Russian market. In Russia, Detour went bankrupt back in 2008, moreover, according to the standard scheme: the tour operator actually “threw” both all its partners in the tourist business and tourists: suddenly the tour operator’s office stopped showing any signs of life, all the company’s phones stopped responding, the on-line booking system ceased to function on the site, and the office itself was closed. Transfers and return tickets were not paid for, tourists were stuck in Turkey in unpaid hotels and other “classics of the genre”. The details of this story can be recalled by reading the material at this link.

But more than that, nine years later history repeated itself. This time with Ted Travel, whose collapse was not only expected – experts were sure that the tour operator did not initially plan to earn honestly. As a result, up to 3 thousand tourists suffered then. What do these two companies have in common? As it turned out, the owner: the head of “Ted Travel” Cetin Bozadzhi “disappeared” abroad, previously headed the aforementioned “Detour”. “When I found out who the head of the company was, I immediately told all my partners and acquaintances that there is a certain scheme, well-established, and I am afraid that it will work again this or next year,” the expert told a TURPROM correspondent Turkey, who wished to remain anonymous. Read the details at this link. As you can see, the situation repeated itself again – this time in Turkey.

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