Leading countries in denial of a Schengen visa announced

Top countries in Schengen visa refusals announced

Tourists who applied for a Schengen visa at the embassies, consulates and other visa centers of six European countries in 2021 are most likely to were denied their applications compared to the visa services of other Schengen countries. Sweden, Denmark, France, Norway, Malta and Belgium were the top countries in Schengen visa denials.

Recently released Schengen visa statistics showed that these four countries had the highest visa application denial rates in 2021 submitted by travelers from third countries, including Russians wishing to visit their country, noted Schengen visa info.

The full list of the leading countries with a high percentage of Schengen visa refusals is as follows:

  1. Sweden. She accounted for 30.6% of rejected applications out of 22.260 applications.
  2. Norway. The country's visa authorities rejected 26.2% of the 9,895 applications they received.
  3. France. Visa Application Centers rejected 21.1% of the 652,331 applications they received.
  4. Denmark. Rejected 21.1% of 26.469 applications received.
  5. Belgium. The visa authorities refused 20.4% of the 50,796 applications they received.
  6. Malta. 16.2% of 4,295 applications received were rejected.

The average rejection rate for all Schengen countries in 2021 was 13.4%. The total number of visa applications filed in the same year was 2,926,104, or 82.7% less than in pre-Covid 2019.

Statistics of Pre-Covid 2019

In pre-pandemic 2019, when embassies, consulates and visa centers in the Schengen area functioned as usual, accepting and processing visas, the refusal rate was 9.9%. In the same year, Portugal (20.3%), Malta (19.6%), Belgium (18.8%), France (16%) and the Netherlands (13.1%) showed the highest bounce rates.

< strong>Covid 2021 statistics

As for the largest number of applications rejected in 2021, France topped the list. Spain and Germany followed suit. These three countries are also the countries with the highest number of visa applications received in the same year, namely:

  1. France – 652.331
  2. Spain – 483.469
  3. Germany – 346.284
  4. Greece – 295.634
  5. Italy – 212.806

On the other hand, in 2021 the countries with the lowest rejection rate were Luxembourg (1.2%), Slovakia (2.7%), Lithuania (2.8%), Czech Republic (3.3%) and Latvia (3.5%).

Third countries with the highest visa refusal rates< /strong>

As for the third countries with the highest failure rate, the list was topped by Guinea-Bissau, a state in West Africa, a former Portuguese colony. The authorities of the countries rejected 53% of applications for a Schengen visa for citizens of that country. Residents of Senegal were no more fortunate: 52.2% of their visa applications were rejected, in third place with a rejection of 51% of applications were residents of Nigeria.

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