Long-awaited capitulation: Thailand embarked on drastic changes

Long-awaited capitulation: Thailand has embarked on dramatic changes

A “smooth transition to normal life”, the “appointment” of Covid-19 as an endemic disease and the departure of coronavirus restrictions into the irretrievable past were promised by the Thai authorities to the people of the country and the suffering tourism. Among the departments with which the government is carrying out intensive preparatory work, the Ministry of Tourism is also named – and for good reason. Throughout the years of the pandemic, Thailand, unlike Turkey, has pursued an extremely strict policy of extremely restrictive anti-COVID measures. At the same time, the country depended no less on tourism. The result of these measures was an almost destroyed economy and tourism, in particular.

And now the authorities have capitulated and are trying to “gather back” what was destroyed. Thai Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health Anutin Charnvirakul has ordered his ministry to work with the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and the Ministry of Transport on the impending declaration of the coronavirus as an “endemic disease”, due to which all anti-covid measures should be lifted.

” The Deputy Prime Minister said that the number of new cases of Covid-19 infection continued to decline in the 2 weeks after Songkran, indicating that Thailand is preparing to declare Covid-19 endemic, local media said. The three ministries and other relevant agencies “should work together to help make the virus endemic,” the Thai experts added. The main idea is a slow and gradual lifting of all “covid” bans “to ensure a smooth transition with minimal interference with daily life.”

Recall that on May 1, Thailand lifted a significant part of the restrictions for incoming tourists. In particular, he abandoned the “quarantine” Test & Go scheme. Read the details here.

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