Love on board: the world's first airline launched a dating app

Love on board: the world's first airline launched a dating app

The world's first romantic dating app was launched by the British low-cost airline EASYJET. The airline is looking to break into the online dating industry, which is dominated by Tinder and eHarmony, according to The Sun. According to the idea, passengers will be able to meet fellow travelers at the gate or during the flight.

EasyJet has already witnessed the birth of love in the sky. So, in 2015, a 24-year-old student accused a 27-year-old tourist of taking her seat on a flight from London to Tel Aviv. She asked him to move, but word for word, and they started talking. A spark flew between the tourists, and three years later they went public with the story and now live together in London.

Since then, the couple has tried to book only the same seats, 12th row, on any trip, they do and the girl adds, “It’s such a nice story to tell people. When they ask where we met and I say, “On the plane,” the conversation never ends.

The founder of the low-cost airline, 55-year-old billionaire Sir Stelios Hadji-Ioannou, in the past, more precisely, in 2007, he also established himself as a hardened romantic, wooing Miss Great Britain Brooke Johnston, who is 14 years his junior. . However, money lovers should think twice before making a choice, since the owner of millions said that he had no plans to marry.

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