Mango season has begun in Thailand: tourists were informed about the best varieties and where to buy them

Mango season has begun in Thailand: tourists have been informed about the best varieties and where to buy them

Mango season has begun in Thailand – a fruit that is called mamuang in the country and is extremely loved, adding to both sweet and savory dishes. The best varieties and places to buy them were told by Thaiger.

Thai mangoes have a special unsurpassed taste and have been grown by local residents for thousands of years. The fruit has become an integral attribute of the culture, cuisine and daily life of the country. There are a huge number of mango varieties in Thailand, and each has a characteristic taste, texture and appearance. The most popular are:

– Nam Duk Mai. Valued for its sweet aromatic taste and smooth, fiber-free texture. This golden yellow mango is often consumed ripe, fresh, or used in desserts such as the famous glutinous rice mango.

– Keav Savoy, or Keav Sawi. The variety is known for its characteristic green skin, even when ripe. These Thai mangoes have a crunchy texture and a mildly sweet taste, making them perfect for salads or snacking with fresh dip.

– R2E2, or Raet. Originally from Australia, this variety has become popular in Thailand for its large size, bright orange skin and culinary versatility. Mango R2E2 has a firm, fibrous flesh, slightly sweet and sour taste, suitable for both sweet and savory dishes.

– Mahachanok, or Rainbow Mango. The variety impresses with its multi-colored peel, which has shades of red, yellow and green. Valued for its sweet, aromatic taste and slightly firm texture.

– Okrong. It has an elongated shape and a green peel when ripe. These mangoes have a sweet and sour taste and a small amount of fiber, they are combined with various dishes.

Mango season in Thailand lasts from late March to July. During this period, the fruit can be found in a variety of places. In the street markets, tourists are waiting for a wide selection and affordable prices. In Bangkok, the most famous places are Chatuchak Weekend Market, Or Tor Kor Market and Klong Toei Market. Ripe mangoes are also sold at floating markets like Damnoen Saduak and Amphawa near Bangkok. If you don’t feel like going to the market, you can always buy mangoes at the local supermarket.

In addition, there are quite a few fruit stalls and vendors on the streets of cities and villages offering both fresh mangoes and dishes based on them, in first of all mango with glutinous rice, mango salads and smoothies. From time to time, entire fruit festivals are held in the country, where you can enjoy a wide selection of mangoes and other local fruits.

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