Many countries did not want to let Chinese tourists in: threats and accusations of racism began

Many countries did not want to let Chinese tourists in: threats and accusations of racism began

China, which opened its borders to foreigners for the first time since almost 3-year break, this time faced with the introduction of restrictions from other countries. A number of states refused to let in numerous Chinese tourists without testing for coronavirus. As a result, the Chinese authorities promised to “respond”, in fact, accusing the hosts of racism, Hurriyet reported.

According to China, the United States, Japan, India, Great Britain, Taiwan and other territories turned out to be “unfriendly”, and announced the mandatory control of travelers from the Middle Kingdom. And Morocco completely banned tourists arriving from the “covid state”, regardless of nationality, from entering the country.

Which countries have already taken measures against Chinese tourists?

  1. Australia. From January 5, travelers from China must present a negative covid test.
  2. Belgium. Intends to check wastewater from aircraft arriving from China. The goal is to identify new variants of covid as part of new measures to combat the spread of covid.
  3. UK. Travelers arriving from China will be required to test negative for covid from January 5.
  4. India. Mandatory presentation of a negative test for covid tourists arriving from China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand and Japan. Quarantine possible.
  5. Spain. Negative covid test/full vaccination course.
  6. Italy. Tests from all arriving from China. Milan's main airport, Malpensa, has already begun screening passengers arriving from Beijing and Shanghai.
  7. Canada. Those arriving from China must present a negative test for covid no later than 2 days before departure.
  8. Qatar. From January 3rd, travelers from China must present a negative covid test result within 48 hours of departure.
  9. Malaysia. The authorities have announced their readiness to test the Chinese for symptoms and test sewage from aircraft.
  10. Morocco. On January 3, introduced a ban on the entry of tourists from China, regardless of nationality.
  11. USA. Compulsory COVID testing for all passengers from China, Hong Kong and Macau aged 2 years and over from January 5.
  12. Taiwan. An administrative division of China has required Chinese passengers to take a PCR test upon arrival from January 1.
  13. France. A negative covid test result must be presented less than 48 hours before departure. And since January 1, the sanitary authorities are conducting random PCR testing for covid.
  14. South Korea. Travelers from China are required to present negative covid test results before departure.
  15. Japan. Sanitary border measures against the Chinese will be tightened from January 8. If the test is positive, travelers will be placed in a 7-day quarantine.

Officials in these countries cited rapidly rising numbers of cases inside China after local authorities announced they would be ending their zero-tolerance policy. In their opinion, the inhabitants of the Celestial Empire, who have been in strict isolation since the discovery of covid, after the opening of borders on January 8, will get sick even more massively. It has even been suggested in European media that 70 percent of Shanghai's population of more than 26 million has been infected. Since departure/entry from/into China is now allowed, tourists have decided not to delay overseas travel and have become actively interested in travel and air tickets abroad. In recent days, the number of international flight bookings from China has increased by almost 2.5 times compared to last year, the China Daily newspaper reported, citing data from the travel platform However, instead of an enthusiastic reception, millions of Chinese noticed discrimination against them and the desire of the authorities of a number of countries to oblige Chinese travelers to be tested for Covid.

According to the newspaper, the Beijing administration has accused the Western press of exaggerating cases in China. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning warned that Beijing would “reciprocate in accordance with the principle of reciprocity” to those “trying to manipulate epidemic prevention and control measures to achieve political goals.” In the social networks of China, users saw signs of racism in relation to the Chinese in the actions of the Western authorities, since these rules do not apply to tourists arriving from other countries.

According to Chinese officials, the increase in the incidence in their country is no different from the statistics of other states. It's all about making a scandal and isolating China from the rest of the world. Thus, the countries that demanded testing, especially the United States, in their decisions referred to the opacity of the Middle Kingdom regarding infection data and the risk of new options. It should be noted that the number of cases of the disease really increased sharply after the lifting of long-standing strict restrictions on coronavirus in China.

However, all countries that expressed a desire not to hide from covid, but to learn to live with it, went through the same stage. At the same time, the Western media are actively developing the topic that the country's hospitals and crematoria are quickly filling up and the country's healthcare system is practically paralyzed due to the epidemic.

Nevertheless, most likely, everything will be decided on Wednesday, t .to. it is on this day that a crisis meeting of European leaders on this issue is planned, where it will be finally approved what measures will be taken regarding Chinese tourists in all EU countries: test on arrival or check the results obtained immediately before departure.

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