Many want to leave here: a Russian woman reported a strong rise in the cost of living in Turkey

Many want to leave here: a Russian woman reported a strong rise in the cost of living in Turkey

“Everything is growing in Turkey: both the number of tourists and inflation, and prices, and the percentage of those who want to leave here, ”such an observation was published on the Russian woman’s channel in Yandex.Zen.

Nevertheless, the country continues to live as usual. “There are more people in Alanya, tourists have arrived, a lot of Russian speakers, Europeans, a large number of cars from other regions of Turkey. The beaches are still, in my opinion, empty – but it’s clear that spring has been delayed, the last two days it has been raining, the water has not had time to warm up (only 20 degrees), and the air temperature is not always suitable for a beach holiday, ”she described the situation in the resort blogger in the city.

What has changed?

Earlier, President Erdogan explained that the policy of the republic is aimed at reducing inflation, and according to forecasts, residents of the country will see the results of the actions of officials to the end of the current year. However, the situation is still developing in the opposite direction: in March, official inflation was 61%, in April – 70%, and unofficial – more than 120%.

Compared to last year's prices, the cost has increased in all areas of life: housing (61.14%), catering and hotels (69.26%), household items (77.64%), food and non-alcoholic drinks (89.1%), transport (105.86%).

Expectations for the near future

According to experts' expectations, the current increase will not stop anytime soon. It is expected to increase prices for “milk” by 33% and bread. The reason is the rise in prices for raw materials.
The cost of mobile communication is increasing. “I can tell from my personal tariff with Turkcell – a package for 12 GB of internet (plus minutes and SMS) last month cost 55 liras (250 rubles), and tomorrow I will pay 70 liras (320 rubles) for it already.

“In Turkey, they recalculated the hunger line and the poverty line for one month for a family of four: mom, dad and two children. The hunger level is set at 5.323 lira, i.e. 24 rubles (balanced healthy diet), and the poverty line is 17.340 liras, i.e. 78 rubles (the total amount of expenses for food and clothing, housing, transport, education, health care and other essentials),” the Russian woman gave an example.

The cost of living and hopelessness in the republic

While the Russians are massively emigrating to Turkey, the Turks themselves are in a hurry to leave it. “Turkey is a wonderful country in terms of recreation, but its citizens tend to leave it,” the author said based on statistical data.

According to official information, the percentage of young people in the republic who want to leave Turkey has increased from 28% to 48% over the past 12 years. The growth was 71.4%. “And if we take statistics on the population as a whole, then more than 35% would like to migrate abroad, if they had such an opportunity. Previously, the reason for this desire was given as the presence of a perspective offered by other countries. And now people want to get away from the hopelessness of life in Turkey,” the blogger said.
Educated people and professionals are fleeing Turkey. “They run away from feelings of hopelessness, restrictions on freedoms. Many do not see themselves in the future of Turkey, they do not see an opportunity to realize their skills, needs and hopes,” the Russian woman clarified the reasons.

The announcement of a new bill announced by President Erdogan added decisiveness to the local residents: the authorities are developing legal norms for regulation of social networks. It's about fighting fake news. “But in fact, tightening the screws in restricting freedom of speech,” the author concluded.

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