Mass disposal of hotels began in Turkey: 704 hotels are put up for sale

Massive disposal of hotels has begun in Turkey: 704 hotels are put up for sale

A critical situation has developed in Turkish resorts: before the “hot” summer season 704 certified hotels are up for sale that have not been able to withstand the rising costs of operating and the overall crisis that has pervaded Turkey's tourism industry.

According to the Turkish tourism media, hotels with star ratings accounted for half of all offers on the market among tourism facilities. The rest are boutique hotels (428 options), apart-hotels (194 options), hostels (92 options), campsites (25 options), roadside hotels (19 options), suburban real estate with infrastructure for tourists (16 options). In total 1.478 offers in the field of tourist real estate. The objects were estimated in terms of ruble equivalent from 490 thousand to 24 billion.

With regard to the mass disposal of certified hotels, of which there are 704 according to the latest data, 217 of them have a special certificate, 99 are five-star, 164 are four-star, 169 are three-star, 28 are two-star and 28 are one-star.

A large number of advertisements for the sale of hotels were announced in Mugla, where the famous resorts of Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye are located – there are 228 placed applications, in the main resort center of Antalya, the most oriented to the Russian market – 211, in Izmir – 164, in Istanbul – the city weekends – 135, in Balikesir – 89, in Nevsehir – 79 and in the capital Ankara – 28.

The Turkish press saw the reasons for the hotel sale in the severe crisis of the tourism sector: economic difficulties, huge inflation and a decrease in the number of tourists from Russia and Ukraine, as well as the cancellation of bookings and debts of hoteliers to banks, which have been dragging on since the acute covid period.

Earlier, Turprom wrote that “Antalya is starting to rapidly stet.”

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