“Maybe not to tell anyone that we are from Russia?” – a Russian tourist spoke about the attitude towards Russians in Turkey

Turkey began to cost “like a ticket to the Maldives”, but the fears of our tourists about Russophobia both on the part of the Turks and on the part of European vacationers, turned out to be unfounded. So the Yekaterinburg edition of E1 was told by the tourist Sergey, whose family went on vacation to Turkey “despite the persuasion of relatives and friends.”

According to the tourist, he and his wife and little daughter were planning a vacation “long before the well-known events” and in the toga against their trip – which was supposed to take place on April 9 – everyone, from acquaintances to a travel agent, spoke out. “Later it turned out that the price of such a vacation is rather big – almost like once a ticket to the Maldives. The flight was scheduled for April 9th. But just a couple of days later, the tour was canceled for us: the airline removed its planes from flights. Then we decided to buy air tickets to Turkey on our own. There were no charters, only regular flights, which turned out to be many times more expensive. We tried to book tickets for a long time, but it did not work until the price for them increased to 171 thousand rubles for three. By the way, a five-star hotel in Alanya cost us less – 126 thousand rubles with all-inclusive meals and accommodation for two weeks, ”said the tourist. He also added that they were the only tourists on the flight from Yekaterinburg – “mostly people flew from different parts of the country to emigrate to Turkey,” the tourist assured.

“We were afraid that there would be Russophobia or incomprehensible views in Turkey. They even seriously thought: “Maybe not to tell anyone there that we are Russians?” But the thought was quickly dismissed. And upon arrival, we realized how wrong we were. The Turks received us very cordially. No judgments, frowns, etc. We were welcome,” said the tourist Sergei. According to him, there were also no Russians in the hotel, only Europeans. “When one day the Turks, asking where we flew from, exclaimed loudly: “Russia!” The whole pool turned on us. It was funny but awkward. Although I want to note that foreign tourists reacted normally to us. Everyone asks: “Have you got something more expensive?”, “What are your salaries?” — and that's it. They did not raise any political topics. We, too. And just in case, we do not advise anyone, ”said the tourist. He also did not forget to mention that on vacation he met Russian IT people who were forced to move to Turkey because of work. “They are employed by international companies, but because of the sanctions they were forced to move to continue to work with firms. These organizations even help them rent housing, which, by the way, according to their observation, is becoming more expensive. This, they say, is due to the fact that many Russians have moved to Turkey,” he added.

He assured his “colleagues” that “everything is still fine” in Turkey. “But we must understand that now everything is much more expensive here than before. In general, everything is complicated with currency: you need to go here only with cashed dollars. Where you get them in Russia is another question. But the cards of Russian banks do not work here, buying dollars is a dubious pleasure: the exchange rate is different everywhere – from 70 to 130 rubles, ”said the tourist. As a “salvation”, the visitors suggested to him the application “Golden Crown”. “It helps to transfer money to oneself and buy local currency profitably,” the tourist explained.

He also added that Turkey seems to have completely forgotten about the pandemic. “PCR tests were not needed upon arrival, no one wears medical masks (only the sellers themselves sometimes), they don’t talk about QR codes,” the tourist noted.

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