Millions under the feet of tourists: in Thailand, on the beach, a fisherman found 3 kilograms of rare whale vomit worth $87,931

Millions under the feet of tourists: in Thailand, on the beach, a fisherman found 3 kilograms of rare whale vomit worth $87,931

In Thailand, a fisherman found 3 kg of whale vomit, scientifically called ambergris. Now he will become a millionaire: the preliminary estimate of the piece of “floating gold” he discovered is $87,931 (about 7 million rubles at the current exchange rate). Meanwhile, tourists are swimming in the same waters by the thousands, unaware that they are walking on millions of dollars.

According to The Thaiger, the 36-year-old fisherman was walking along the shore looking for shrimp and crabs on the beach in Pak Nam Prasai. , Klaeng district (Rayong province in eastern Thailand), when he stumbled upon a valuable whale offal on Sunday.

Ambergris is a substance that is produced in the intestines of whales. Freshly extracted ambergris is a lump of soft black and foul-smelling mass, reminiscent of feces. After oxidation in air, it hardens, acquiring a wax-like consistency, a specific pleasant aroma and a gray color. Ambergris is based on high-polymer alcohols, the most odorous of which is ambrein. It is found floating in sea water or washed ashore. It is highly valued in perfumery, used as an odor fixative. “Floating gold” is used as an ingredient in expensive perfumes to make the fragrance last longer, and is sold at a high price due to its rarity.

Later, the Thai said that he almost immediately understood the value of the find, because. previously seen in the news what ambergris looks like. Now he is waiting for experts to confirm whether the ambergris is genuine. As soon as he receives a certificate confirming this, he is ready to immediately sell whale vomit, he said. If it is classified as class A ambergris, then it can be sold at a price of up to 2.33 million rubles. For 1 kg.

Recall that earlier in the covid 2020, a resident of southern Thailand quickly became rich when he found 100 kg of ambergris on the beach – one of the largest pieces of whale vomit ever found. Vomiting was then valued at $4.2 million (333 million rubles at the current exchange rate).

If tourists are interested in an extraordinary way of earning money, then you should know that it is better to take dogs in search of marine value: they are attracted by the smell of ambergris, and it means that the chances of getting rich increase.

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