Minus 50%: Aeroflot launches a grand sale

 Minus 50%: Aeroflot launches a grand sale

Aeroflot launched an advertisement for the future sale of air tickets in social networks. Tourists are advised to follow and watch – the sale starts on November 25, and it will last for three days – until November 28, and some flights are promised a discount of up to 50%.

It is specified that we are talking about tickets with a departure date from November 28 November to March 25, 2023. At the same time, tourists are informed that the promotion is not cumulative with other discounts. Probable destinations have not yet been found either.

At the same time, tourists are being “agitated” on social networks to join the local Aeroflot Bonus club, which will allow tourists to purchase sale tickets in a larger assortment. You can also buy them on the official website of the company, but their number is limited.

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