Moscow-Antalya flights start despite sanctions

Moscow-Antalya flights begin despite sanctions

The flights to Antalya on Superjet liners announced a couple of days ago were confirmed by the Russian airline Red Wings. Flights will begin in two days, despite the Western sanctions against Russia.

According to her announcement, flights will start on March 17, and they will begin from the route from Moscow to Antalya. Flights, in order not to expose them to the impact of “air sanctions”, will be operated on Russian-made Suhoy Superjet 100 passenger aircraft. These liners are small – they can accommodate only 100 passengers.

According to the existing schedule, flights from Moscow to Antalya will be operated from Domodedovo Airport. So far, they are scheduled to be carried out five times a week.

Recall that the carrier has already begun its first Turkish program – on March 15, Red Wings entered the Turkish hub and began flying from Moscow to Istanbul. Read about this, as well as other planned ways to overcome air sanctions, at the link.

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