Mountains of garbage and local gopniks: a Russian visited the largest city of a country popular with tourists and told how he tried to survive there

Mountains of rubbish and local gopniks: a Russian visited in the largest city of a country popular with tourists and told how he tried to survive there

A blogger shared his experience of survival in the largest and “most contrasting city” of a country popular with tourists on his channel in Yandex.Zen. We are talking about Vietnam and the city of Ho Chi Minh City, where, according to the tourist, “on the one hand, there are mountains of garbage and local gopniks who relieve small needs right on the walls of houses, on the other hand, ultra-modern skyscrapers and expensive hotels.” What you need to be prepared for and what the main troubles are, the tourist listed in detail.

“Here, slums coexist with supercar dealerships, and on the same street there can easily be establishments whose price tag will differ by a factor of a hundred – just one is designed for local hard workers, and the other for rich business travelers. You walk along a luxurious street in the very center, in front of a luxurious local theater, on the side is the Louis Vuitton store. You turn the corner – the homeless are sleeping, and the pigeon rats are eating up, ”the blogger paints.

According to him, the first thing a tourist will have to deal with is a huge number of mopeds. “It is very expensive to have a car in Ho Chi Minh City because of the colossal taxes, the subway has not yet been built, so His Majesty's moped is practically the only way to get around the city. There are not just a lot of mopeds here – they are to hell. They are everywhere. They honk, drive at random, on the sidewalks, on the opposite lane, at the traffic lights mopedists do not care and no one will ever let you through at the pedestrian crossing. The first rule of life in Vietnam: the question of the survival of a pedestrian is the concern of the pedestrian himself, ”the tourist said. Also, the sidewalks are “only used to park these same mopeds and rare cars,” so tourists have to “stomp on the roadway.”

The second problem is that although Ho Chi Minh City is beautiful in places, according to the blogger, due to the period when the country was a colony of France, “which gave the city beautiful architecture” – on the other hand, there are “tons of garbage” in the city and the city is terribly dirty, the blogger assures.

Another problem is noise. “Life in the city center beats 24/7 and falling asleep to the howl of local karaoke and moped signals was another task. That at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, that at 4 o'clock in the morning life on our street was in full swing. The situation turned out to be even more fun when, at 12 o’clock at night, explosions suddenly began to be heard outside the window. It turned out that one of the locals brought a hefty firework, put it right in the middle of the road and let's blow it up. Right on a narrow street between houses – well, why not?”, – the blogger said.

The blogger made the following conclusion about the largest city of Vietnam: “A terribly interesting city that I'm hardly ready for anyone advise,” the author of the article said.

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