Mud rain hits Antalya, shocking tourists and locals

Mud rain hits Antalya, shocking tourists and locals

After heavy rainfall on May 2, mud rain hit Turkey's main resort center. Tourists in Antalya were shocked as they had never seen mud falling from the sky.

Turkey's Anadolu Agency reported that instead of the traditional rain, Monday brought muddy rain to the Mediterranean resort. According to meteorologists, the mud was formed from dust that came from the deserts of Africa. Numerous dust particles rose into the atmosphere due to strong winds, and then southerly winds brought them to Turkey. On May 2, vacationers saw the result of this natural phenomenon. Moreover, the tourists, who decided that a cataclysm had hit the city, began to shoot videos and take photographs of a natural phenomenon. When the dirt stopped falling from the sky, some drivers went to clean their cars on their own, while others went to car washes in the province.

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